Talentism-Have You Caught The Wave?

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I had the priviledge of being the Mistress of Ceremony (MC) at the Government, Local Authorities and Business Customer Service Conference which was hosted by the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe. Among the presenters from South Africa, Portugal and Zimbabwe; was the guest of honour for the function; Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Professor Arthur Mutambara. It was in the content of his speech that I picked a term which I have used to entitle this article; Talentism.

 Capitalism Vs Talentism

Among the things he shared was a concept that he called Talentism. Now don’t try and look that up, you will most likely not find it in the dictionary. He defined Talentism as the use of one’s talent to prosper. His challenge for the day was to convince the delegates that talent, not capital, was the greatest asset that a person can possess, contrary to our traditional belief. The emphasis was on the fact that the days of Capitalism are over and now we are in the era of Talentism. Over time the meaning of capital has transformed to mean dollars and cents yet in fact the word Capital is derived from the Greek word Capitos which means “intelligence”. One’s amount of capital was therefore not measured by the amount of dollars one had but the potential he/she had to make money based on the capacity of his/her intellectual muscle. Well, the point was driven home.

 Talent comes with responsibility

The good book in Proverbs 18v16 says “A man’s gift will make a way for him, and brings him before great man”. This shows that talents open doors of opportunity for people. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that talents are gifts that we receive from God hence one’s talent comes with responsibility. God expects us to give an account of the talents he gave us since we are stewards. Stewardship of these talents goes beyond just doing something with the talents but rather doing everything that the talent was supposed to achieve. In Matthew 25v14-30, the Bible gives an account of the parable of the talents. The man who was given 5 talents came back with 5 more, not 3 more. The other who was given 2 talents came back with 2 more not 1. The last one who was given 1 talent came back with no extra talents. The last one was cursed for being unproductive with the talents that he was given. On the other hand, the two who were productive, did not just do something with the talents but they did the best they could to bring back a 100% increase. God wants us to use the talents he gave us to make the world a better place and bring glory to His name.  Luke 12v48 says “To whom much is given, much is also required”. The more talents you have, the more responsibility you have to use them to serve God and mankind. Have you exhausted the potential that lies in your talents?

 Are you using your talent?

God has given people talents but a number of people suppress the talents simply because they want to conform to the world’s standard of success. To most people success means having a good job which gives them a nice office and they drive a nice car, etc. They therefore forsake their talents for fear of venturing into the unknown. A great number of times, people just work for the money but their hearts are far from their assignments. Unfortunately if you are not doing what you are called to do, the probability that you find the assignment not enjoyable or at times awfully difficult is high. It is better to earn little or no money doing what God would have you do than to earn a million dollars outside of God’s will. Start running in your own track. Do not conform to this world. You will be accountable to God for how you used the talents he gave you. Is your talent to sing, play sport, speak, lead, serve, etc? Then do it with all you have and when this life is ended, you may stand before the righteous master as He says “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”(Matt 25v21,23).

 If you would like to join others who would like to commit their talents and gifts to serve God and mankind, join the Called To Serve Ambassadors.

About Service Captains

Patience is a Certified International Customer Service Professional(CICSP) with the IAPM. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and Computer Science(BBSCT) degree, a Certificate and Award in Customer Service from The City and Guilds of the London Institute among other qualifications. She is currently studying for a Theology degree. Over and above being an Evangelist, she is a Trainer and Speaker on Service Quality, Personal Branding, Presentation Skills, Servant Leadership, Grooming and Etiquette. With 15 years experience in the Banking Sector, much of it spent handling a Service Quality portfolio, Patience says "I have been called to serve. I am here to turn ordinary people into servant leaders who will unleash their greatness through Service Excellence. I aspire to inspire you to serve God and mankind. The world needs more people who would like to dedicate their lives to promoting kindness, love, gentleness, goodness etc and the best place to start is with you and me, here. I am a Service Captain, Be a Service Captain!"
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