Working Hard but Customers don’t Appreciate? 3 Reasons Why.

work smarter tortoiseHard work is certainly a virtue worth pursuing; for many who trod the path of success drank from its well. However, a ‘spray and pray’ approach to hard work is not purposeful yet can be blindly hoped to yield something, somewhere, somehow. Frustration is inevitable when you sail hard in rough seas only to deplete your energy reserve before you reach the shore. Unfortunately, your exhaustion is no mandate for the customers to trade that for smiles on their faces. This may sound unfair but sure sounds reasonable. Here is why;

1. Hard work

 “Customer Satisfaction is not just in your hard work but in what the hard work is about”

“Service is not about the quantity of activities but quality of customer relationships generated by these activities.”

It does not matter how hard you try, service excellence is only what a customer says it is. If a customer says they are not happy, then they are not happy despite your efforts. Activities should be directed in the areas that contribute to customer satisfaction; not to spray activities and blindly pray that one of them works.

2. Clever Concepts, Smart Strategies and Perfect Programs 

Technology, strategies, exciting programs etc. are not an end in themselves but a means to an end. These ought to be embraced in the context of how they intend to contribute to customer satisfaction. It’s no point getting excited about strategies unless they define how they;

  • Bring value to the customers
  • Impact their emotions
  • Create a good impression
  • Create better relationships

3. Functional Vs Emotional Approach

A Functional customer relationship is one that avails the bare minimum service. It does not go the extra mile and provides only that which is necessary to cover the service skeleton.


  • Customers do not become loyal merely because of facts on how awesome your brand is.
  • Customers do not make business decisions solely based on thoughts but mainly on feelings.
  • A Functional stock does not trade better than an Emotional stock on the ‘Customer Service Stock Market.’
  • Functional relationships have a shorter lifespan and are less rewarding than Emotional relationships.

Before you rush to put in the sweat, consider how it will translate to sweets for the customer. Work smarter not harder and turn your sweat into sweets.

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