Beyond The Profits

Triple Bottom Line

“Profits that



are in fact

losses “

Patience Phiri

John Elkington developed a framework for evaluating Business Success and Sustainability called the Triple Bottom Line. It measures three dimensions of performance using 3Ps namely; People, Planet and Profit relating to the social, environmental and economic aspects respectively. Entrepreneurs have an obligation to make and use their profits in a way that does not harm people or the planet. Just to use an example of drug abuse; selling drugs may seem like a lucrative business because the customers who are now enslaved by the addictions cannot help but come back for more. If truth be told, it is no secret that drug abuse has detrimental effects like seizures, stroke, mental confusion, brain damage, relationship breakdown, financial struggles etc.

Its unimaginable how a drug dealer (“entrepreneur”) enjoys the profits he/she makes from selling drugs fully aware that they will eventually destroy someone’s health and life? There is no business success if you make profits by causing harm to people. What will become of a drugged society? Before you celebrate a business that you think is successful, check their triple bottom line. Entrepreneurs with a high regard for the triple bottom line are worth supporting because they advance the good of humanity; which is why Service Captains Academy is training and supporting entrepreneurs who intent to start or scale up their Social Enterprises (businesses that prioritise social good). Profits that degrade humanity are in fact losses.   

About Service Captains

Patience is a Certified International Customer Service Professional(CICSP) with the IAPM. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and Computer Science(BBSCT) degree, a Certificate and Award in Customer Service from The City and Guilds of the London Institute among other qualifications. She is currently studying for a Theology degree. Over and above being an Evangelist, she is a Trainer and Speaker on Service Quality, Personal Branding, Presentation Skills, Servant Leadership, Grooming and Etiquette. With 15 years experience in the Banking Sector, much of it spent handling a Service Quality portfolio, Patience says "I have been called to serve. I am here to turn ordinary people into servant leaders who will unleash their greatness through Service Excellence. I aspire to inspire you to serve God and mankind. The world needs more people who would like to dedicate their lives to promoting kindness, love, gentleness, goodness etc and the best place to start is with you and me, here. I am a Service Captain, Be a Service Captain!"
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