Service Captains Bizwomen


Service Captains Bizwomen are ordinary women with extraordinary hearts.

The Service Captains Bizwomen(SCB) network was set up as a community development initiative to empower, equip and inspire women in business or aspiring to be in business.

The philosophy of these women is to build their business so that they can have the capacity to do humanitarian work in their communities and also capacitate the same communities for self sustenance.

This SCB network provides encouragement, training and an opportunity for women to make a positive impact in the home, church, workplace and community.

The network steers the following empowerment vehicles;

1. Service Captains Money Club

To encourage a saving culture and lend money to group members; to boost each other’s business.

2. Service Captains Education Fund

Group members pool resources to assist the disadvantaged(orphans, disabled parents etc) girl child by paying their school fees.

3. Service Captains Mentorship Programme

This is conducted in schools to mentor the girl child inorder to boost their confidence, self esteem and capacitate them to develop an entrepreneurial and servanthood mindset.

4. Bizwomen Training Programmes

These programmes are targeted at equipping women in business with both soft and technical skills. These trainings are offered to both women and youths.

Help us to impact more lives……..

If you would like to join, partner with us or donate towards any of these projects you can contact us on +263 774 132 304 or or use the form below;