Dedicated to all the women who #PressforProgress

Give a woman a house, she will turn it into a home, ingredients and she will turn them into a meal, a seed and she will give birth to a baby. Educate a woman, you educate a nation. Women are known to add value to the things they touch. It is this inherent quality in women that makes them bring beauty to ashes whether it’s in the home, workplace or community.

The soft virtues of compassion, nurturing, tenderness, empathy which are instinctive in a woman, echo a voice of reason in this self centred world. Ironically, behind this tenderness lies tremendous strength.Like a lioness, she is tender enough to cuddle her cubs, yet vicious enough to protect them from prey and mighty enough to topple a buffalo in a spectacular display of her hunting skills. Sadly women magnify only their soft virtues and suppress their strength; or society has socialized them this way?

Women’s Day 2018 is being held under the theme ‘#PressforProgress’. Often a woman’s quest to express their God given potential is seen as rebellion from a submissive role, yet there is a big difference between rebellion and stewardship. Every person is accountable to God for the gifts and talents that he/she received from Him.Hiding your gifts and talents or apologizing to the world for your awesomeness is not an expression of submission but sheer bad stewardship.

Many women are now moving graves. They have relegated themselves to insignificant tasks to escape the judgmental lenses of society. The workplace lacks flavor of diversity of views and emotional balance because women have approached the professional environment apologetically. Society looks at working women with suspicion yet they are simply contributing to the livelihood of the family as they have always been doing. If it was acceptable for a woman to work in the field to put food on the table, surely she can work in the office to fulfill the same obligation. It is simply a change in workstation.

God has given us a model woman in Proverbs 31; a working woman who puts food on the family table.Whatever is not celebrated will eventually die. It is time women celebrate each other’s strengths, gifts and passions so that we continue to flourish and blossom. This is the time to be grateful and unapologetic for our womanhood. Every human being deserves a chance to explore their God given potential in a way that will make a positive impact in the society whether they are male or female; for He who gives gifts in not discriminatory in His nature. It is time we look at ourselves through God’s eyes not the eyes of society; for societies are created by people but people are created by God hence God has the final say. Woman! Stop hiding your blossom, celebrate it!

We love the man in this world and we also love ourselves. For a moment, let every woman look into their heart and say “I serve, I nurture, I love, I laugh, I am bold, I am gifted, I am successful, I am strong, I am a game changer, I Press for Progress, I am a woman and I am proud to be one.”


By Patience Phiri, Author of Sanctified for Service.

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