Gain from your pain

It’s true you have been hurt,
They treated you like dirt,
You questioned your worth,
Like a designer shirt full of moth.
What will you gain from this pain?

Nurture not the pain,
Lest it pours down on you like rain,
And drenches you in bitter tears,
In the solitary dungeon of bitterness.
What will you gain from this pain?

Get up and dust your feet,
Rise up from that seat,
Make an impact in the street,
The world awaits your treat.
What will you gain from this pain?

The pain seeks to derail, dishearten and discourage you,
But you have the power to turn the situation around,
With the same intensity of the pain, launch out a greater gain,
Pain can make you wiser, stronger and more determined,
Oh wise one, gain from your pain.

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In whose hands are your plans?

Pursuing your Purpose does not make you immune to Persecution. Stiflers may come to Suppress your Service. Continue to Commit your Calling unto the Lord. Martin Luther said “I have held many things in my hands and I have lost them all, but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

2 Timothy 1v12(NCV paraphrased). “I am suffering now in prison because i tell the Good News, but I am not ashamed of this because I am personally acquainted with Jesus, the One in whom i have believed, and i am confident that he is able to protect, keep safe and secure what i have committed into his hands right to the end.”

Proverbs 16v3(NLT)-Commit your actions to the LORD and your plans will succeed. In the Presence of God, your Plans have; Protection, Provision, Production, Success is in Surrendering your plans to Him who keeps them Safe and Secure.

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Training Testimonial Nosizo

One thing we strive for in life is efficacy; the ability to be both efficient and effective; to make our actions count by taking the best action in the best possible way inorder to effectively impact people in the most positive way. Receiving testimonials like these strengthen our resolve to create more impact in people’s lives through training. We strive to continue adding value to our delegates through unique and pragmatic content. Thank you for supporting our trainings. If you have any feedback to share on your experiences with Service Captains’ trainings or humanitarian work, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Life of Service; a life worth living

It can only be left to imagination what inspired Albert Einstein to pen this quote “Only a life lived for others is worth living”. Indeed there is satisfaction in serving. You might not get tangible rewards or profits in return but that inner spark of joy can be the greatest reward anyone can get. Ignoring a call for help often creates a nagging guilty conscience and regret. A ‘thank you, you have made my day’; small as it is, is big enough to create fulfillment that motivates you to keep serving.

Come to think of it, when you live a life where everyone knows that your presence turns a frowning face into a smile, a cursed day into a blessed one; it creates a sense of purpose, usefulness and relevance. Only those who can serve and love unconditionally are truly happy and he who loves not the lives of others, may never experience the joy that comes with impacting lives.

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Service Parable of A Conversation Your Teenager Would Like To Have.

On that dreadful Monday morning Jane stormed into Dorothy’s house without even taking the time to knock. “Is everything alright my friend?” asked Dorothy. Without hesitation Jane broke the news; “My teenage daughter is pregnant”. This sparked a conversation that went on for what seemed like hours.

Jane: I’m very disappointed my friend. I didn’t think my daughter would embarrass me like this; getting pregnant at sixteen?!

Dorothy:  I am sorry dear, but if you don’t mind me asking didn’t you have the discussion with your girls?

Jane: The discussion??? I am lost. What discussion Jane?

Dorothy: I mean talking about contraceptives. You are supposed to educate your girls about the use and importance of contraceptives. Maybe if she had known better she would not be pregnant.

Jane: You know how I feel about exposing my girls to such things. It seems I will be encouraging them to become sexually active. Now I feel I should not have ignored these issues. So Dorothy, have you had this conversation with your girls? How did it go?

The two women continued talking unaware that Dorothy’s teenage daughter Mildred was listening to their conversation the whole time.  After lunch Mildred struck a conversation with her mom Dorothy.

Mildred: Mum can I ask you a question?

Dorothy: Yes dear, what is it?

Mildred: Which contraceptive method is best for me to use?

Dorothy: (In shock and dismay)What??!! Contraceptives for what? Are you sexually active? What contraceptives?

Mildred: But I heard you talking to aunt Jane that she should have spoken to her pregnant daughter about contraceptives and I thought we could also freely talk about it with you.

Dorothy: Aaaah was I talking about you or I was talking about that naughty daughter of hers. Are you trying to tell me that you are also already sexually active? I raised you better than that.

Mildred: But mum why do you give someone advise that you do not use yourself. This subject is taboo in this house yet you advise other mothers to talk to their daughters about it. So if we have questions, whom should we ask? There is a lot of peer pressure and I don’t trust my colleagues to tell me the constructive truth. I would rather discuss these matters with you because I know you have my best interest at heart.

Dorothy:  I am sorry for not discussing these things with you but you have to understand that it’s not an easy subject to talk about. My best advice is for you to abstain from sexual activity before marriage. I however know that at times you naughty teenagers go against our advice in which case, contraceptives become an option but I am not advocating for you to use contraceptives. Abstinence is the best.  

Mildred : Next time mum, do not give someone advice that you are not willing to use yourself because I had already concluded that you have no problem with us having teenage sex.

Morale :                                                                                                                                     

Have you had this conversation with your teenage son or daughter yet? Teenage sex is a topic that many parents shy away from yet it is important especially for today’s generation as many teenagers are sexually active. Alternatively, parents can ask other elder members of their extended family or church to talk to their teenage children. There is more virtue in teaching teenagers to abstain from sexual activities as well as telling them the dangers of premarital sex than teaching them to prevent pregnancy and STIs. When you educate young girls about sexual health they are able to make decisions knowing what they are doing rather than become pregnant or get STIs/ HIV and say it was a mistake. It is better to say she was warned but did not listen than to say we never talk about such topics in our house.

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Service Parable of the Buoyant Disabled Daughter

Dr Ejim Chinazom Judith -Photo Credit Matic Studios. Disclaimer: Dr Judith is not the Dr Desiree in this parable.

Marjorie became the happiest woman in the world when she got married to her high school sweetheart in their remote Pacific island. Having spent her childhood at an orphanage, she so much desired to have a family of her own. Things could not have been more perfect when she fell pregnant. All the preparations were in place and the happy couple could not wait to finally hold their baby in their arms.

The day arrived and Marjorie was excited to be a mother. The doctor walked in the ward with a faint smile on his face. She became anxious and confused and begged the doctor to tell her if everything was well with their new born daughter, Desiree. “What do you mean Desiree has been born with a rare condition”, she asked with perplexity. “I am sorry, she will never be able to walk on her own two feet”, the doctor explained. Henry; Marjorie’s husband, full of rage stormed out and never returned for he believed in the myth that disability is a disgrace and a curse to the family. Marjorie’s ‘perfect world’ had crumbled before her very eyes. She was all alone. No home, no job, no support. Nothing!! “All I wanted was a family so I could never feel like an orphan again”, she sobbed.

Years went by as Marjorie worked small jobs to feed their hungry tummies. Even though raising her daughter in the streets was not a walk in the park, Desiree grew up to be a fine young woman, who despite her disability, had a healthy self-esteem; thanks to her loving and reassuring mom. Marjorie did well to squeeze every penny she made to put Desiree in school, from which she graduated and became a doctor. Their life changed from rags to robes.

One day as Marjorie was driving Doctor Desiree to work, she spotted a man lying lifeless at the side of the road, covered in blood and left for dead. “He must have fallen among robbers, he is badly injured, we have to help”, she exclaimed bringing the car to an abrupt stop.  She quickly called for help and they carried the man to the hospital. Dr Desiree did all that she could to save the man’s life and after 3 days, the man had fully recovered. “What happened to me, why am I here?” the man asked in shock.  “Stay calm sir, you were badly injured, but you are on a path to recovery now”, the nurse replied. “Ok, but don’t let that disabled doctor near me, I don’t want to carry a curse from this hospital” the man added.

In shock, the nurse responded, “Sir, that doctor is the one who picked you up from the roadside where you were left for dead, she hasn’t gone home in 3 days attending to you. You are lucky we have doctors like her in this hospital otherwise, you would have been dead by now”. The nurse then turned to Dr Desiree and said “Please don’t take offense Dr Desiree, forgive his ignorance”. At that moment Marjorie entered the room to bring her daughter lunch and came in eye contact with the man lying on the hospital bed. “Henry??”, Marjorie exclaimed astonishingly. “You two know each other?”, Dr Desiree asked. “How can I not know him, he turned his back on both of us in this very hospital. Dr Desiree, this man is your father”, Marjorie narrated as tears rolled down her cheeks like a fountain. Henry begged for forgiveness and asked for an opportunity to get to know his daughter and spend more time with her.  The rejected disabled daughter became the doctor that saved the life of a father who abandoned her.


  1. Do not discriminate people based on abilities, race, ethnic group etc. No one is disabled, they are just differently enabled.
  2. Forgive and forget. People can be mean, arrogant, rude etc but know that your love is being put to the test. Love people in spite of how they treat you.
  3. Do not look down upon anyone. Help can come from the least expected people. The people you regard as outcasts, as good for nothing and not worthy to be in your circle of friends can be the ones to save your life or help you through life’s pressing moments.
  4. Celebrate people like Marjorie and Desiree who press on against all odds.
  5. As Service Captains we sincerely appreciate Batsiranai; a Zimbabwean organisation that brings together women that have been shunned by their community because they gave birth to disabled children; similar to Marjorie’s situation. The Batsiranai group came together in 2005 to work and fend for their families. The women take part in activities that include embroidery and painted handicrafts for international trade. If Marjorie had met a group like Batsiranai, it would have become easier to take care of her daughter and work with a supportive group.
  6. If you have an opportunity to start/run/work in an organisation that helps people; pursue it, do good and give it your all; your organisation can be an answer to someone’s prayer. Service Captains would be glad to help through the journey.  
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Start Now

Start Now

Why wait when you can do it now? You say “I will do it tomorrow, next week, next year……” Oh really?? Need i remind you that today is the next week, next month, next year you talked about in the past? Even if you keep pushing the date further, that new date will sooner or later arrive.

Don’t wait for tomorrow which is not guaranteed to you. You have today to do something significant so get started. You may not finish today but at least the journey has started and if you remain steadfast, you will achieve your desired success.

Yes, planning and preparation are important but don’t wait in the planning phase your whole life. Before you know it, another day, week, month, year or lifetime has passed with a possibility of having nothing to show for it. So, why wait for tomorrow, when you can start now? Start Now!

If Service Captains has impacted your life in any way, please let us know.

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